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Australian Birth Stories

Sep 27, 2020

In this week’s episode I chat to Sarah, a mother of two and midwife who cherishes the work she does with pregnant women. When it came time to birth her first baby, she experienced a truly beautiful water birth in the birth centre surrounded by her fellow midwives. Her second pregnancy was symptom-free until her waters broke at 25weeks. She takes us through her experience, from the denial of what was happening to the frightening realisation that she would be delivering her baby at 25weeks via classical cesarean and then the stress, grief and elation of NICU life. Sarah offers heartfelt, practical advice for NICU parents, discusses the beauty and challenge of breastfeeding a premature baby and lists the practical things she did everyday to work through her worry and grief. Her micro-preemie, Chloe, is now an energetic, inquisitive two-year-old and Sarah is more passionate than ever about supporting new mothers.